About Eva

Eva was born in 1982 in Geldrop (The Netherlands) and has been living and working in the beautiful surroundings of Twente since 1994. She made her first oil painting at the age of 10 and then forgot about painting and devoted her time to school, horse riding and friends. From 2017, however, the brushes are seriously taken in hand again. Exhibitions soon followed and her works were purchased by both private individuals and companies from all over the world.

With her own art, wall paintings and by letting others paint intuitively and having a deeper conversation with them, Eva helps others to find the essence. About themselves, their work, relationship or business. Having insight into who you essentially are helps you make the choices necessary to live, work, lead, create or love with fulfillment.

Curious for more?

In this catalog you will find almost all the paintings Eva has painted up to 2022.

Eva van de Burgt
Artist | Connects people and companies to their essence.